Writing it down

I am always delighted when I come across something I wrote in the past. Well, maybe not always delighted but definitely interested. I love reading something and thinking, “Ha! That’s not even a big deal anymore” and generally gaining insight from my past thoughts.

I have started (and abandoned) so many blogs. If I had just written a simple paragraph about my day instead of beating myself up for not writing, I would most definitely have a lot more things written down than I do today. But alas, I let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I have deleted lots of content off the internet (or thrown out half filled journals–why?!) simply because I was frustrated with myself.

This year I made a major step forward in my practice of writing. I committed to a “Monthly Summaries” in Dropbox Paper. On the first of each month I have a reminder set up to ping me to write a review of my previous month. I go through my work & personal emails, calendar, Camera Roll on my iPhone, tweets, and Facebook and put together a ~1000 word entry on what happened. Now that we are 8 months into the year I am REALLY appreciating that I committed to this seemingly small act.

Last night I read a blog post by Alice Goldfuss about imposter syndrome. I realized I have imposter syndrome about writing. “I’m not that interesting.” “I’m not a good writer.” “I have nothing to share” are all thoughts that have crossed my mind (and lips). Her post is what nudged me to finally say to myself, “Enough, just get it out there.”

I hope my writing will do the same for someone else. And if not? I’ve improved my writing skills, my coding skills, and documented my life. And that seems like a decent end in and of itself.

Originally published at www.cynthiacbell.com on August 22, 2017.

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